We are a team of young qualified teachers with a master's degree in English Language Teaching by Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts, in the United States, and currently holding the position of English teachers at the University of Cape Verde.

The idea of ​​creating the English Language Learners School arose from the observation that the English language has not had a presence that would be desirable in educational institutions in Cape Verde, especially among children but also among young people seeking their first job or new opportunities in their professional careers. It is noted that neither the English taught in public schools nor that taught in the private ones has been able to provide an effective communicative competence to students and to meet the demands in quantity and quality.

In a globalized world where English has become the Lingua Franca in business, in the media, and in information and communication technologies, mastering the English language in writing and, especially in speaking is of vital importance for success in personal and professional life at all levels.


Our mission is to elevate the teaching of English in Cape Verde to a higher level of quality, focusing mainly on the communicative dimension of language. We aim, in the short term, to involve all age groups (from 6 to 65 years) and to tackle all English language skill levels (from beginner to advanced), giving opportunity for everyone to learn the language or improve their knowledge.

Our teaching methods are quite innovative with the use of teaching materials (students’ books, story books, games, etc.) internationally tested and which give guarantee of efficiency coupled with the use of technological resources (audiovisual resources, internet, data projector, etc.) that facilitate and / or reinforce the assimilation of the content taught.



Founder - Zita Vieira


Graduated from Bridgewater State University in 2013 with Masters in Teaching English and TESOL Certificate. Since 2013 has been teaching at University of Cabo Verde as a graduate assistant. Main academic and research interests include the development of critical thinking skills through reading, academic writing, oral communication, and English grammar.








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